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19th-Nov-2013 06:57 am - fail
Result of "keeping up posting": fail.

Result of gym, not quite so fail at least; got in 3 times last week (but missed yesterday).

Here's another bit of fail:

jQuery('#btn_quiz').on('click', function(){
    jQuery('#frm_quiz .line').fadeIn();

    var $value = jQuery('#frm_quiz select.val_quiz'),
	count = 0,
	count_no = 0,
	"You would benefit from learning more before
making this major life decision. You should wait
and see if other enrollees are happy with how the
new federal exchange plans are run before you decide.
Don’t rush. The first open enrollment period goes until
March 31, 2014.",
	"You would benefit from waiting before you make
a decision. It looks like there could be pros and cons
to the exchange, but based upon your health needs you
value your current plan as well.  Take your time. Reform
won’t be fully implemented until at least 2018 and
you can enroll in future.",
	"You would benefit from staying put because value
flexibility and choice for your health care."

    for (var i = $value.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
	var a = $value.eq(i).val();
	if ( a==1 ){
		count = count+2;
	} else if(a=="") {
		count = null;
	} else {
		count = count+1;
            "Please answer all the questions first.");
    } else {
	} else if (count>5 && count<=6) {
	} else {

(I fiddled with the indentation a bit to make it fit on LJ)

If that's not readable, it's basically a quiz that gives the same three answers no matter how you answer the questions. That's what "knowthefactsalaska.org" does. Ha! "Wondering about Obamacare? Take this rigged quiz!"
30th-Oct-2013 07:01 am - aerobics
Forgot to update this yesterday ... went with Donn, had to do first 15 minutes on elliptical, last 30 on ArcTrainer. I can't quite remember what I got, but it was less than 1.0 distance and more than 600, but less than 720, cal.
24th-Oct-2013 11:12 pm - aerobics
(Let's see if I can keep this up ... both the aerobics and the LJ posting, that is :-) )

Went with Donn, did the 45-minutes-on-ArcTrainer thing, first time in months (was in for aerobics earlier this week too but not on the ArcTrainer, so no useful numbers for logging). I got a mere 1.45 distance with 1000 (exactly) cal. My weight is now right around 267.5 (was 268.0 at start, 266.9 at end), about 11-12 lbs more than back in March when I was still updating regularly.

(And, I see I never did update the bit about the nerve pain. It turned out I had some carpal tunnel going on for sure, and quite possibly some cervical irritation as well, for which 2400 mg/day of ibuprofen eventually did the trick. I'm down to more maintenance levels of ibuprofen "as needed" now.)
22nd-Mar-2013 06:47 pm - gym
Haven't updated all week ... but went in with Donn for regular HST workouts again, M W and F (days 1-3). I've been having all kinds of trouble with my left shoulder and it has started pinching something in/around the brachial plexus, leading to irritation of the ulnar and/or median nerve. I am hoping that working my rear deltoids and external rotators, and stretching pectoralis minor, will help...
15th-Mar-2013 05:26 pm - aerobics
After another too-long absence, did aerobics today with Donn. Did the usual 45 minutes, got 1.5something (I think) distance and 1020 cal, on ArcTrainer #4. Weight was 256.2 at start, 254.9 at end.
5th-Mar-2013 06:29 pm - gym + aerobics
Forgot to post yesterday, which was going back to HST 15s Day 1, and from which I am all sore today.

Aerobics today; it was super crowded, did 20 minutes on an Annoying Elliptical and then switched to ArcTrainer #3 for the remaining 25 minutes. No idea how I did on the elliptical, got 0.84 distance and 551 cal on the ArcTrainer. Weight was 259.1 at start, 258.0 at end.
1st-Mar-2013 06:18 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.61 distance and 1060 cal (on #4). Weight was 256.9 at start, 255.7 at end.
27th-Feb-2013 06:55 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.51 distance and 999 cal, on ArcTrainer #3 (then managed to add about another minute to get it to 1.55 and 1020 before I had to go). Weight was 256.something (probably .9) at start, 255.7 at end.
26th-Feb-2013 05:58 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.61 distance and 1087 cal (on #3). Weight was 258.3 at start, 257.1 at end.
25th-Feb-2013 07:49 pm - aerobics
Once again I have been bad about keeping this up to date, but, went with Donn this afternoon, did almost-the-usual (had to wait several minutes for ArcTrainer, did a few minutes on Annoying Elliptical first): 41 minutes on ArcTrainer #4, got 1.43 distance and 963 cal. Weight was 259.2 at start, 258.2 at end.
20th-Feb-2013 05:56 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.57 distance and 1033 cal (on #4). Weight was 257.8 at start, 256.6 at end.
15th-Feb-2013 08:32 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.53 distance and 1022 cal (I think, was fixing stuff when I got back before I could post this...) on #4. Weight was 255.something at start, 254.something (1.2 lower anyway) at end.
13th-Feb-2013 09:30 pm - aerobics
Forgot to record Monday's (when I was stuck on an Annoying Elliptical all 45 minutes anyway), did not make it yesterday (plumbing emergency among many other things), but went with Donn today and did the usual 45 minutes; got 1.54 distance and 1022 cal (I think—it's been over 3 hours) on #4. Weight was 255.3 at start, 254.1 at end.
6th-Feb-2013 03:09 pm - aerobics
Went in early (or extremely late yesterday?), but just did the usual 45 minutes, and got 1.51 distance and 1005 cal (on #4). Weight was 255.8 at start, 254.8 at end.
4th-Feb-2013 06:56 pm - aerobics
On my own (Donn is out all week, and I'm just continuing SD week after last week's snow-shoveling). Got in late, parking lot was insanely crowded (admittedly a significant fraction of it is choked off with huge snow-piles) but gym itself was not too awful and in fact all the ArcTrainers were open (when I started, then all were in use within 5 or 10 minutes). Did 45 minutes on #3, got 1.60 distance and 1174 cal. Weight was 259.something (.3 I think) at start, 258.0 at end.
30th-Jan-2013 02:29 pm - lack of gym/aerobics
Instead of gym-ing I've been shoveling snow all week so far.

I'm still sore from the last few days. Yesterday's snow was only about 4 inches of powder, but the plow left a mess and I did a lot of ice-breaking.

Not sure if aerobics will occur today...
25th-Jan-2013 06:30 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.63 distance and 1101 cal (on #4) (was aiming for 1100 in the last minute, perhaps should have tried for 1111 though). Weight was 259.9 at start, 258.8 at end.
22nd-Jan-2013 06:16 pm - gym
HST overloads, Day 4, with Donn (moved back one day). Leg press, dips, chins ... the leg curl machine we like is down for maintenance, the rear delt setup was in use, and between skipping those we made it through triceps aux work for once.
18th-Jan-2013 06:14 pm - gym
HST overloads, Day 3, with Donn. Squats (at 375, but depth quite suspect as usual), incline bench (275 and also with depth issues), and rows, plus the usual. Went back to Donn's 5RM biceps weight, where I did 4 with left, 3 with right arm (and negatives to finish out the 5).
17th-Jan-2013 06:23 pm - aerobics
Went with Donn, did the usual, got 1.61 distance and 1086 cal (on #4). Weight was 258.7 at start, 257.6 at end.
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